Typhon Wallet is a Cardano blockchain wallet enabling dApp support. Typhon is currently available as a web extension with dApp support and a light weight web wallet for on the go wallet requirement. This document details the dApp connector specification implemented by Typhon and how developers can build dApps with Typhon.

CIP30 dApp connector

Typhon Wallet is fully compatible with cip30 dApp connector standard.

Access cip30 dApp connector object as below,


Please read more about cip30 specification hereopen in new window

Typhon dApp connector

Along with cip30 dApp connector support, Typhon also provides an easy to use dApp connector object. Typhon utilises modular and high level API interface to interact with Cardano blockchain. To save dApp developers time and resources, this dApp connector standard takes away the complexity of juggling between selecting UTXOs, setting change, calculating fee, min UTXO, and specially computing the script integrity hash. This makes it extremely easy for developers to build dApps on Cardano. Learn more API Reference

Wallet/Account Management

Typhon supports mnemonic and hardware wallets, which is isolated from the dApp developers. dApps can access Typhon using the globally injected window.cardano.typhon object, which gives access to the currently selected wallet and its selected account. User can switch account/wallet at any time, this change is sent as an event to the dApp read more in Events.